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Information on the operation of the MNB electronic data transmission system (EBEAD):


Users can log in to the system with an enhanced security certificate (personal identification code and password). This requires a registration procedure with the MNB and an Internet connection.

Technical conditions of use

The following requirements shall be met in order to use the EBEAD system:

  • A computer connected to the Internet directly or through a proxy server
  • The availability of certified equipment containing facilities to identify the users
  • A WEB browser capable to communicate over HTTPS protocol
  • Microsoft Excel or another compatible program.
  • E-mail access.
  • OCSP compatible advanced certificate issued by a qualified certification-service-provider and installed on the applied WEB browser.
  • HTTPS communication protocol.
  • The registration by the MNB of the public data of the certificate
  • Passing a  successful user’s test

Transmission of data

The EBEAD offers a flexible way for recording data supplies and inputting data.. Data can be inputted manually to the Web interface or can be loaded from (csv or xml format) files.

Verification of data

Prior to sending (following manual entering or uploading), the data are automatically verified. An error log is produced, in which all errors are listed, giving a feedback to the reporting organisation. Any data can only be sent following the correction of errors.

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